About Us

“We improve healthcare delivery by using Cutting Edge Technology”

Touch&Store LLC (T&S LLC) is a healthcare technology solution provider based in Newark, United State.

Founded in 2010, T&S LLC was established by a seasoned team of experts with extensive know-how in developing international health care projects.

T&S LLC acts as an independent integrator for complex health care technology projects, providing state of the art medical technology solutions.

By taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to client needs and offering custom tailored solutions, we create sustainable benefits for our clients and improve health care delivery.


The patient is the core focus of our services. Gender equality and non-discriminatory behaviour are highly promoted issues within the organization. T&S LLC believes that basic and advanced training measures, as well as employee motivation, are key ingredients to the success of any company. Mutual respect, tolerance for others, partner trust, and knowledge of general, regional, are the main contributors to T&S’s LLC success.

Moreover, T&S LLC encompasses an excellent network, including both local and international suppliers.

T&S’s LLC corporate strategy has always been to go where the projects are and to establish substantial local operations for the assurance of continuity and service excellence.


Hospital leaders have realized that a deeply experienced knowledge in healthcare technology is necessary, as healthcare technology has become increasingly more complex. Stakeholders and leaders face major strategic challenges for being competitive in the international healthcare market.

T&S LLC will help you to meet the equipments challenges and we will help you to find new ways to improve your performance and set quality of care standards that are meeting international compatibility requirements.

T&S LLC has a long and distinguished track record of providing a wide range of healthcare technology consulting and implementation services to governments and agencies, public and private healthcare providers as well as to related sectors.

Our international and interdisciplinary team includes specialists in healthcare technology, administration, procurement and accounting, controlling, business and project management, ERP, human resources and healthcare logistics, healthcare regulation, as well as communication and marketing.

Touch&Store LLC

2915 Ogletown Road
Newark, Delaware 19713
United States